Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Tower Poetry Society

is the name of a journal that has recently published two of my poems. it's a beautiful little book so if you ever see a copy of it, pick it up. or, if you want to order a copy, see the website (www.towerpoetry.ca).

here are my poems:

[an immigrant]

she moves

the front window
and the back

then back

her eyes fol
low snow flakes

her finger press-es
the glass

[the shore]

then, she walks
her black hair
in her hands

she leans the weight
over her left
her fingers
it loose

and there
the ocean, this
whose pool
a shadow of
her knee


interestingly, these are both inspired by tales. one from an east indian woman and the other from a stone statue in asia.

if you wanted to let me know what you think, please leave comments (i now know how to work that function, thanks caleb)

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

[some one]

someone once said, it’s the small things that
count – sharing garden’s carrots, zucchini and
beets, hanging laundry out
side to dry, planting homes, catching
rain, breathing

someone once said, put yourself in other people’s
shoes – it’s only when you step out of your
own that you can see your
self – it may be uncomfortable ‘cause they
fit, better than you had
thought, or care to

someone once said, poplar trees will
answer your questions – so sit and listen as they
tell with the sun, and the

someone once said, look at
me, are you

~ this poem is being published in the Artists for a Better World Spirit of Humanity anthology, which is coming out at the end of August.