Monday, October 16, 2006

Tip of the Tongue Press


i wanted to post a message saying that i am starting a small press, called Tip of the Tongue, and i am going to be adjusting this blog a bit to include it here.

i am going to be participating in The Hamilton Small Press Fair, happening Saturday November 4 from 12-5 as well as The Toronto Small Press Fair, on Sunday November 12 from 12-5. i have both these groups on my links list if you want more information. they are wonderful events - inspiring in their extreme creativity and bold ventures - i highly reccomend you come if you can.

so, i won't have time to change this blog until the end of November, so if anyone has any ideas about what might lok nice, and also how to put on a picture of myself (if the .jpg is very large), i would gladly accept any advice.

thanks, and talk to you soon