Thursday, August 30, 2007

Future of Librarians - an article by Will Sherman

as some people may know, i am applying to do a masters of information and library science at western in january. whenever i bring this news up in conversation i am fronted by questions on the importance/necessity/value of librarians and libraries amidst such a rapidy growing digital information age, and i'm not sure i've been responding so well to them.

i love libraries - always have, always will kind of thing - i love going there, searching for a book, getting it off the shelf and holding it in my hands as i sit to read. however, my love for libraries (as beautiful as i think it is) does not address the issue of their continuing relevance, which is something i need to look into as i consider a career as a librarian. as a result, i have made time this morning to read about this issue and have learned a lot about both sides; librarians as a lost profession and librarians as more important than ever.

here is a segment from an article that i found most interesting (you can click on the title of this post for the whole thing) and that highlights interviews with twenty-seven librarians and thinkers in its exploration of the future of both librarian and libraries.


"One must remember that the cultural changes brought about by the Gutenberg press were extraordinary, and fueled not only by a sudden surplus of content, but also by a new way of interacting with that content. What seems unique about our age, however, is that social interaction is a form of content itself, and it’s up to librarians to take an active role in the creation and collaboration within this ethereal “user generated content.” It's more than just guiding patrons, but making this guidance contribute to the new substance of interaction." (Will Sherman)

Saturday, August 25, 2007

[i drew myself]

i drew myself
into your bath, with a blue
crayon. let my hair
stick to your soap,
sipped ginger tea
from the mug with
its eyes

your cat
tightropes the tub's
ledge, whiskers me
while Jill's silk tongue
spins in the kitchen.

i save your
spices under my
nails, soak in the dark
with your rice. i
roll your image
until it's green, then light it
between my lips
when you're not

Friday, August 24, 2007

Poetry London

as some people may know, i am part of poetry london - which is a group that offers a reading series and poetry workshops from september to april each year in london at the landon branch library.

as we are preparing for the new season, i thought i would create a post and direct anyone interested to our new webpage (if you have any comments/suggestions about it, please share).

there are some exciting poets coming to read and we are having a poetry contest. so, if you are at all interested in checking it out just follow the link (by clicking on the title of this post or going to the links section of my blog and clicking on Poetry London).

thanks for staying tunned, and here's to the remainder of the summer!