Sunday, January 28, 2007


Los Carpinteros are a group of cuban artists who take things from reality - drawers, footwear, pilons, measuring tapes - and give them fresh meanings by infusing them with new ideas. extremely playful and very connected tp havana, this group is fascinated with metaphors (who isn't really) - these imaginative leaps that allow them to draw new and curious connections between things that the mind may not be familiar with but absolutely delight in!

first they draw a picture of their idea and then they come together to discuss whether or not they will build it (if it is possible). one of the artists said that working in a group this way is organic - "it is not possible to be an artist alone. this is no true" - a siginificant statement for us to receive.

they have an exhibit at Museum London right now (until june) called "inventing the world" that is brilliant! i definitely urge you to check it out if you're in town, visit their website (follow the link here) and keep your eye out for them if ever they visit you. i love their art and feel many others will as well.

please enjoy these few pieces i've pasted below

this work is called The Creative Hand

this work is called Sandalia

this work is called Horno de Carbon


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

"I smoked a pack of cigarettes"

one of my birthday presents this year was
the following fantastic song
from two of the hippest hipsters i know

I smoked a pack of cigarettes before singing this song,
So you know I aint gonna last too long.

I heard it's your birthday today or yesterday,
So I got a little something to say.

With each passing year, getting older and older,
The weather this week has gotten quite a bit colder.

Your brain is getting senile and you stink like dirty underwear,
Yet still that guy Ben won't get outta your hair.

I know one day you'll write stories for the King of France,
But don't forget to tell him you also love to dance.

On our way over we saw a lion in the zoo
So happy birthday Laura, happy birthday to you.

By: Liz and Caleb

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Trip to the UK (Take 3)

the final set of pics, thanks for bearing with me and my technological impairments

a shot in downtown cambridge of one of the colleges - whatever you do, don't walk on the grass !

me, ben, melissa and jeff at a pub in glasgow - not that we ever frequented the pubs

walking down the millenium bridge from the tate modern museum to st. paul's cathedral

a street in downtown oxford

timed shot down the dinner table with both of ben's brother's families together on our last night - out for some dim sum

Trip to the UK (Take 2)

i can't seem to put all the pictures into one post, so here is part two of three for your viewing pleasure.

a church in glasgow

an example of a true scot - can you see him back there?

ben's brother john, his wife katy, me, ben and dave by the thames river

feeling locked in by the price of long-distance calls

edinburgh castle - ben in awe

Monday, January 08, 2007

Trip to the UK (Take 1)

ben and i were in the uk over the holidays, and were using a digital camera so i thought i would post some of our pictures here.

here's ben and i - ben getting a little fresh, obviously

this is george square in glasgow all done up for christmas

this is one of the many busy shopping streets in glasgow

this is a shot of watlington, where ben's brother john lives

this is me ben and dave at the train station

here's ben and i in london catching our reflection

this is at the top of st. paul's cathedral - it's very windy